Add Variables and Drop-downs to your Print Brand Templates

If you want users to be able to select an option from a drop-down list when they work with a Print Brand Template or a preset, you can define them in a template. Also, if you're using variables, you can present them as options in a drop-down in your template.

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If you want to turn a text field into a drop-down with default content, contact Bynder Professional Services.

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Define drop-down content in templates

  1. Open your template in

  2. Open your drop-down block.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Use the default drop-down content with the values that have been specified in the INDD file. To do this select Default content in the Content source.

    • Use the content specified in Settings > Brand templates > Variable Management. To do this select Account variables in the Content source and select the variable you want to use. To learn more about creating variables, see Create variables.

    • Define your content for the drop-down. To do this select Custom content in the Content source and enter the options you want to have. Separate the options with a coma (and make sure you do not use a coma as a part of a value).


      The names of your drop-down defined in the left-hand column that lists all template elements may differ from the names in the Content drop-down.

Define drop-down content in presets

Defining drop-down content in presets is similar to defining content in templates. However, there are a few differences.

  • If you select Default content for a preset, the preset will inherit the values set in the template. So if the template has custom content defined, then selecting default content for a preset will inherit these template values.

  • If you select Account variable or Custom content for a preset, these settings will overwrite the custom content or account variables defined for the template.

  • You cannot lock drop-down as view-only. The only way to keep drop-downs in presets non-editable is to define only one value for the drop-down.


Drop-downs do not support character styles and text formatting.


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