Quickly access metaproperty options through metaproperty view

You can quickly get an overview of your metaproperty options for a selected metaproperty. The overview displays how many assets are tagged with each option, and gives you an easy access to the edit screen for the option. You can also drill down and see all the assets that have the metaproperty option linked.

Try it

  1. Enter the URL for your portal and add /show/metapropertyName. For example: https://myportal.bynder.com/show/developedin


    Make sure you enter the metaproperty name not the metaproperty label.

  2. Click on the option tile to see all assets tagged with this metaproperty option.

  3. Click on the edit icon to add the translation or a description for this option.

  4. (Optional) To filter on options, enter /show/metapropertyname/?field=metaproperty_metapropertyname&value=optionvalue, for example:




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