Create Color Model Filter

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If you want to extract the color model information from the metadata of uploaded assets, you can create a metaproperty that will automatically be pre-filled with the data extracted from assets. After upload you can then filter your assets by color model. Find out below how you can set up a color model filter.


How to create a color model metaproperty?

  1. Create a new metaproperty of the autocomplete type. For information on how to create a metaproperty, see Manage metaproperties.

  2. Enter the following values in the Metadata tag field: ColorMode,ColorType

  3. Save your metaproperty.


Would you like to extract other metadata as well and map it to specific metaproperties?

Find out how you can use XMP and Exif metadata in combination with Bynder metadata here.


Now, the data will be extracted from the uploaded assets and visible in the Asset detail screen. You can also make the color model a filter. See Use filters to find assets.

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