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The information below is for Styleguide Check out our section on Brand Guidelines 2.0 for the latest version of Brand Guidelines.

To help you manage the content you want to present to users, user groups or profiles, you can hide pages in your guidelines from selected users. You can also hide pages so that they do not display in the menu.

You can also hide sections and all the chapters and pages within this section from specific users or user groups, or profiles. To hide sections, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Try it

  1. Go to Guidelines.

  2. In the left-hand menu, click Edit pages.

  3. Click on the guideline you want to hide.

  4. Click the settings icon.

  5. To hide pages from selected users:

    1. Select the user, profile or user group.

    2. Select the Hide from list checkbox.



      If you restrict permissions on a chapter level, selected users will not see the selected chapters and all the pages in these chapters.

    3. Click the plus icon.

    4. Save your changes for each line. To add more users, click the plus icon.

  6. To hide pages from the menu, select the Hide from menu checkbox. The item will not display in the left-hand navigation.


    If you hide a chapter (parent) then no pages (children) will display for this parent. Additionally, if all children are hidden for a specific parent, then this parent will not display either.

  7. To hide pages or chapters from the page or chapter overview, select Hide from list. The overview displays if you, for example, select Show > Show chapters in chapter settings and you click the topmost chapter in the left-hand navigation.

  8. Click Save.


Hiding pages or chapters form selected users makes these guidelines inaccessible for the user. However, if u select to hide a page or a chapter from the list or from menu, this will only prevent these guidelines from displaying in the left-hand navigation or in the page or chapter overview. If you send users a link to these guidelines, users will be able to access them.


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