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You can supervise the orders placed by users in Brand Store. Before users can complete an order and click Place a new order button, they have to click the Send for approval button. The selected user or a group of users are notified that an order is waiting for approval and can verify it, and approve or cancel the order. You can specify different approvers for different user profiles or user groups.

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Approving an order

To approve or reject an order, you can change its status on the details page of a specific order in YourWebsiteName/brandstoreadmin (you need to be an admin to access this page). Alternatively, you can do it by clicking the button in the notification email you receive.

When the admin or the selected approver changes the status of the order and approves it, the user is notified the order is either approved or rejected, and, if approved, the order is sent to the printing company or the user can download the product.

Until the order is approved, it has the Waiting for approval status. This process also works for ordering multiple products. If the user making the order selects budget as payment method, the sum gets automatically deducted from the budget. It is re-allocated back if the order request is rejected.


The information on who approved or rejected an order, and the exact date is logged in the Status history tab on the order detail page (User Modified). To see the page go to YourWebsiteName/brandstoreadmin > Orders and click on a specific order.


To approve or reject order, you either need to have the Manage orders permission or you need to be specified as an approver in Brand store settings.

How to enable this feature?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this feature enabled for your portal.

Send approval request to external party

Bynder has an option to send an order request in XML to an external procurement agent for the order to be approved. The order will display the Awaiting approval status until external procurement has approved it. The request XML contains all the data necessary for the approver such as VAT number, article number, and more.

If you are interested in this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Get approvals for POD products in workflow

If users edit a POD template in workflow and want to order the finished product in Brand Store, they can also use the workflow approval flow. This process works for single products only.

  1. Prepare one or many POD template. See Manage POD templates and presets.

  2. Create a workflow preset and link POD templates to the preset. These will be the templates users will be able to edit. See Manage jobs.

  3. In the preset options, select Use Brandstore approval flow.

  4. Add an approval stage to the preset and select the approver.

  5. Save the preset.

When a user starts a job based on the preset and the job completes, the ready to order confirmation is sent to the user. The user can find the product in the Ready to order tab in Brand Store and they can start their ordering process.

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