Manage Items and Orders in Brand Store

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As an administrator you can have access to and overview of your orders, where you can check their status and if it's a print product download the asset.

You need View orders, Allow access to brandstore management, and Order admin listrights to have the full insight into Brand Store. To approve or reject order, you either need to have the Manage orders permission or you need to be specified as an approver in Brand store settings.

Go to Order admin to view your orders.

Manage your orders

  • Go to

  • Open the Orders tab to view the order status and shipping details. As an administrator you can change the status of an order. For example, when users have to send their orders for approval, you need to verify the order and change the status to Canceled or Ready for order.

  • Open the Products tab to see the list of the products ordered. If these are print products you can download them in the Products tab.

  • If you want to view the payment method used for the order, open the Transactions tab.

  • Open Status history to see the details of the status of your order. The available statuses are the following:

    • In progress: order created, but not completed as the payment is pending.

    • Waiting of payment: waiting for costcenter payment.

    • Waiting for approval: waiting for an admin to approve the order. See Send orders for approval.

    • Canceled: the order canceled by an admin. See Send orders for approval.

    • Ready for order: payment complete, order staged for export to supplier.

    • In production: order exported to supplier.

    • Production suspended: problem at the supplier during production.

    • Failed: either the order has failed to export or the payment has failed to process. Verify your payment history.

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