Add fallback options for metaproperties in file names

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If you do not want to download files that have their original filename used as the file name, you can create a setting that uses the metaproperties as the file name on download. For example, you might want your file to have the barcode and the orientation metaproperties used in the file name on download. In this way, the file you download is more meaningful to you.

Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager if you want to have this feature enabled for your portal.


Example image with barcode metaproperty in file name

You can also use the fallback option so that if one metaproperty is not filled in, the fallback one is used. You can create multiple fallback options for one metaproperty.


You cannot have fallback on the following: name, description, copyright, date created, as these are not metaproperties.

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