Restrict access to additional files

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Additional files are extra files that you can add to assets. For example, this can be a release form or a price list. You can manage who has access to the files.

Use case

Additional files enable you to link all kinds of files to your assets. The files can contain related images, release forms, or price lists, if your assets is a product. If the information in the additional files is confidential, then only selected users should be able to view the files. That's why you can consider restricting access to additional files and manage access bases on permissions.

How to restrict access to additional files?

  1. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager to enable this feature for you.

  2. Go to settings-icon.pngSettings > Users & rights > Permission Management and enable the Download asset additionals permission for the user profiles that should have access to additional files.

Who can access additional files?

If the above feature is enabled for your portal only users with the Download asset additionals permission enabled for their permission profile will be able to access additional files.

If the above feature is not enabled, no restrictions are in place. This means that all users who can access (specific) assets can view and download the attached additional files.

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