File Merge During Upload

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Please note that file merge during upload is not recommended at this time. As an alternative solution, users can manually upload files that should be merged together into the additional files section of an asset. Learn more about uploading additional files here.

Files that have the same filename but different file extensions can be automatically merged during upload, which means that all merged files will be available under one asset. For example, the files bynder-logo.jpg and bynder-logo.png will be merged into one asset after upload.

The merged files are available as a separate version in the Versions tab of the Asset Detail View but they are grouped together. This means that when you activate one of the versions that belong to a merged file the corresponding merged files will become active as well. When active, they are all greyed out. When uploading a new version files cannot be merged, so it's not possible to add a new merged version to your existing merged asset. You can upload a single file as a new version instead.


Example of file merge during upload

You can decide the order of priority for the file extensions used to generate the asset preview and become the original file. For example, when uploading PNG, JPG and AI files with matching filenames you might want to generate the preview using the JPG files, and if they're not present, take the AI file. The PNG will be used as third option.


  • Video and image files can't be merged during upload. If you get to see the following error message in the upload screen, upload the files separately: Unfortunately the upload has failed. Please try again later.

  • File merge only works when directly uploading to the DAM and doesn't work when exporting assets from the Asset Workflow to your DAM.

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