Duplicate Image Finder In Asset Bank

You can use the Duplicate Image Finder to locate duplicate images in your Asset Bank. The duplicates are found based on pHash comparison. You can decide which duplicate images should be marked as original and delete other duplicate images. Currently, there is no option to resolve or ignore duplicates.

Learn about duplicates when uploading to Asset Bank and the Waiting Room.

Note: If you filter the assets through Smartfilter, the search will be for those filtered assets but only within the whole DAM. 

How to Enable the Duplicate Image Finder

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn about this feature and any associated costs. 


Use Duplicate Image Finder In Asset Bank

  1. Navigate to the Asset Bank.

  2. Click Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 1.43.01 PM.pngon the toolbar Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 1.42.59 PM.png

    • You can also find duplicates from a search query or after filtering your Asset Bank. 

  3. In each row, you will see a set of images, with their asset title, description, and tags, that are considered duplicates.

  4. The first image displayed is considered the original image.

    a. The original image is chosen based on most pixels (width * height). If they are all the same, it ranks on the date uploaded.

  5. To delete a duplicate, clicktrash.png beneath the image or choose Delete all duplicates (#) to delete all non-original images.

  6.  Using Make Original removes all the duplicates found and only keeps the asset you chose Make Original for.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 1.43.06 PM.png


How are the duplicates found?

Duplicates are found based on a comparison of pHash (perceptual hash). When you run the duplicate image finder, the hashes are compared, and if they are the same, these images are considered duplicates.


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