Download Files with Customized Names

By default, when you download an asset from the Asset Library, Bynder displays the original filename as used when the file was uploaded. However, when you update this title later on, and want to download the file with the asset title, this is also possible.

Please contact Support to enable this feature in your portal. 

You can also create your naming convention for files to make their names more meaningful to users who download the assets. You can do it by adding metaproperties to the file name when downloading.

For example, you can decide that when you download files, they should have the following name: year-country-state-city-company-filetitle.jpg, such as 2015-usa-massachussets-boston-bynder-example123.jpg.

You can also leave the Bynder asset title out of the download name—for example, year-country-state-city-company.jpg. If the metaproperties are not filled in for an asset upon download, the download name will only be reverted to the original filename.


  • Every asset has a file name, not always a title. When no title is provided, the file name is used instead. But if there is a title, this will be shown by default.

  • The title cannot include a question mark, as it is a reserved character in HTTP protocol. It could also result in the file not downloading. 
  • The download name can include capitals depending on the labels of your metaproperty options. For example, 2022-France-Paris-Bynder.jpg or 2022-france-paris-bynder.jpg


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