Add Metaproperty Options During Upload

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When you upload an asset and want to classify it better, you can add extra metaproperty options to the existing list and link them to the asset. This feature works for the metaproperties of the Select type.


  • If you use a Select2 metaproperty you cannot add new metaproperty options on upload or edit.

  • Metaproperties set to the Autocomplete type do not require this feature, since they support adding options upon upload/edit by default.

How Does this Feature Work?

This feature is based on the Name field of the metaproperty and not the Label field. So when adding a new metaproperty option the system checks whether there's already a metaproperty option with an identical metaproperty option Name. If not, a new metaproperty option will created and the Name you entered will be used for the Label as well.

Be aware that when using spaces and/or special characters duplicate metaproperty options may be created. For example, imagine that the metaproperty option New York already exists in the portal with NewYork as the Name value and a user creates a new option upon upload entering New York in the Name field. In the backend of the system the space will be converted into an underscore, which results in a new metaproperty option with New_York as Name. The portal will then have a two metaproperty options with the same Label but a different Name, which in this case that will be NewYork and New_York.

How to add metaproperty options during upload?

  1. Drag and drop your assets onto your browser window or click Upload image.

  2. Expand the metaproperty of the select type and click Add option.

  3. Enter the name, and, optionally, a description and a thumbnail for this metaproperty option.

  4. Click Add.

The metaproperty option will be automatically selected and the asset will be tagged with this new option after upload.

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