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Requesting Tutorial Videos

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Bynder can create several video tutorials to help new users navigate through the system. The video tutorials are approximately 2-3 minutes long and cover 1-2 specific subjects. The creation of a new video follows a script where predefined actions are performed. Between actions, text is shown as an intermezzo to clarify what is going to happen next.

Tutorials can cover anything from using the Asset bank to Creating a workflow or consulting the Guidelines. The creation of a standard tutorial video takes roughly three business weeks, depending on the amount of videos requested. 

What is needed for Bynder to produce a tutorial video?

The topic of your tutorial video(s). Currently we offer default scripts for these topics:

  • Uploading assets and using the Waiting Room. 
  • How to edit your assets. 
  • Searching and filtering.
  • How to download the assets you need.
  • Creating and sharing collections. 
  • Using the Support form.
  • Using Bynder Express to deliver quickly.
  • Using Brand Guidelines.

We can create videos on other topics as long as we get the detailed scripts.

Your specific brand portal details and elements:

  • Please specify in the script the permission profile(s) that should be used in the tutorial. - Copyrights or permissions, in case of having some limited usage assets. Are there any collections that should not yet be public for everybody on the brand portal? 
  • In order to produce the explanatory slides inserted between videoclips, Bynder also needs your company logo as an image file (PNG, EPS, PSD, AI). By default, the slide background is white (you may request a different background colour or image).
  • Provide also your brand guidelines: colours, fonts, sizes, etc. and how to use them, so we can create a video that looks and feels bespoke to your brand portal.

Things to keep in mind

  • Alternatively you may choose to deliver your own script, in which case we require a detailed list of the actions that should be performed on film. You can use our different script examples as a template.
  • To prevent rework, your brand portal (especially design and taxonomy) has to be completed and signed off before a tutorial can be created.
  • For asset bank tutorial video’s, please recommend the specific assets that can be used in the video (e.g. search, edit, share). Please identify the assets with the Link to File.
  • For Workflow and/or POD tutorial video’s, please provide the exact details that should be entered in the video, this includes the pictures to use in the template, if applicable, and email details to be used as examples when creating jobs and/or sending files (e.g. [email protected]).
  • If you want to use specific background music in the video, please provide us with the audio file. Otherwise Bynder will use royalty free standard music. Please note that we do not offer voice over services.

How does the approval work?

  • The main reason for 2-3 minutes videos has to do with user experience; nobody likes to watch a 10mins+ video and it is better to focus on one topic per video, makes the script clearer.
  • Once Bynder has finished the first draft of the video, your Implementation Specialist will invite you to join our Creative Project Management workflow to provide us with your feedback.
  • You are entitled to one round of feedback once the first draft is delivered, and another one before the final approval in case there could still be some minor changes. Please make sure you send consolidated and complete comments so our video team can do the changes accordingly.

Which are the different elements that form a tutorial video?
You will see that in our script templates we refer to four different elements. 



- Works as the intro of the video.

- Includes your company logo and the name of the tutorial video.

- Done according to your brand guidelines.



- Works as explanatory slides in-between the different parts of the video.

- They can also include an illustrative icon to help represent the message.



- Refers to the bar at the bottom of the screen shown here.

- Used to introduce extra information about what's shown on the video at that moment



- Refers to the actions shown on the tutorial video itself. Here you should describe the different steps we're to follow in order to create your tutorial video.


  • Start on the brand portal landing page.
  • Show the different Quicklinks and then click on Assets. 
  • Hover over the different filters and click on the filter “Destinations”.
  • Etc.



  • Try to write your script based on simple actions so the whole structure will be easier to understand. 
  • Try to keep the Sub-text sentences short, in order to prevent an information overload.
  • Our designers will do their best to keep your requested videos ‘on brand’, but feel free to share any titles and/or text screens with us if you want anything more specific and make the production process faster.


Please check the follow collection for a few examples of tutorial videos:


Please contact your Implementation Specialist or Customer Success Manager to order tutorial video’s or to discuss the video subject, script, pricing and schedule together.

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