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View user permissions and metaproperties change history

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Now you can view the detailed history of changes in user settings, permissions and metaproperties. You can see which user, permission, or metaproperty has been changed, when, and what exactly has changed. 

Note: You need the View change history right enabled to see change history. If you want to export the results to a CSV file, you also need the Export user data to CSV right. To enable the rights, go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission management

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Change history.
  2. Select to view Changed usersChanged permissions, or Changed metaproperties.
  3. (Optional) Filter on dates to narrow down your results.
  4. (Optional) Open the Fields dropdown list to select the columns you want to display in your overview. 

  5. (Optional) Click Export to CSV.





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