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Create, save and share your own selection of filters

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You can now search for specific images using multiple filters, and then save those filter selection so that you can get the results on the fly. 


  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager about the feature.
  2. In Settings > Users & roles > Permission management, make sure you have the Save own filters permission to save your own filter selection or Save general filters permission to save own selection and also create and share a filter selection with other users.

Use the saved filters

  1. Select one or more filters and click Save filter
  2. Enter the name for the filter and select if this filter set should be visible to all users. 

    Note: This setting is only available if you have the Save general filters permission.

  3. Decide if you want to share this filter set with other users. If you do, users will receive an email with the link that will load the filter set. They can then save the set as their own filter selection.
  4. Save your setting.


The filter is added to The Saved filters dropdown list. You can edit the filters when necessary. You can change the filter name, or click the edit icon to add a user with whom you want to share the filter. You can remove the filters as well. 

Note: If you do not have the Save general filters permission you can only remove and edit personal filters.

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