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Set the Focus Point for your images

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By default, the focus point of any asset uploaded and used in the Asset Bank is the centre. 

However, you can change and customise your focus point for an asset. The customised focus point is also used for cropped derivatives, and the derivatives for that asset are not cropped from the middle.


  1. In your Asset Bank, click on the image to open the asset detail page. 
  2. Expand the Set focus point tab.

  3.  In the image, click the place where you want to place your new focus point. Alternatively, change the values in the Focus point fields.

  4. Click Save focus point.

 Use case

You might want to change the focus point to highlight the important elements when you place an image from your Asset Bank on an external website.

As you can see, the complete picture is visible.

 But if you change the size of your browser, you can see that the skyline is no longer clearly visible.

In this case, you might want the focus to be on the skyscrapers and skyline. 


 If you are interested in this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager.





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