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Setup approvers per metaproperty option with Hide-by-default

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This article explains how to set up basic approvers per metaproperty option.

However, there is a problem with this method for the auditor when you have hide-by-default enabled: the auditor will only see the metaproperty option they are allowed to audit. So none of the other filled out metaproperties show up - forcing the auditor to blindly approve other metaproperties.

But this can be fixed:

How do you set this up? 

  1. Create the metaproperty with the options. For instance: metaproperty ‘Department’ with the options ‘Department A’, ‘Department B’ and Department ‘C’. 

  1. Create permission profiles/groups/users that will be the approver of the options. Note that the permission profile of the user cannot have the ‘Audit media in waitingroom’ permission profile. Otherwise this person will see all requests that come in.
  2. Give your upload-for-approval users full upload rights (so not upload for approval, but upload & publish)
  3. Make the metaproperty a required metaproperty
  4. Go back to the metaproperty options you just created and click on the key  icon.
  5. Now add the permission profile/group/user here and check only ‘Show media for this option’, so not add & publish. This creates a conflict between their full upload rights and show-only rights for that option

This combination of settings will trigger the upload to go to the Waiting Room - with full metaproperty visibility for the auditor AND the auditor will also only see assets for their department/country/whatever.


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