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Use the Mass Uploader

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Whenever you have a batch of files to upload and want to link these files with specific metaproperties directly on upload you can do so using the Mass Uploader.


Mass Uploader helps you upload multiple files. Your files need to be accompanied by a CSV file where your metaproperties and their values are listed. The Mass Uploader links the files to metaproperties, and populates the metaproperties automatically. Also, whenever there are tags in your CSV file that do not yet exist in the system, they will be created on upload. Depending on your system setting, also new metaproperty options can be created automatically. 

To use the Mass Uploader, you need to prepare your CSV file and then upload it together with your files. 

  1. Prepare your CSV file. 

    Note: Make sure you prepare your file correctly. Refer to the information provided to learn more about how you can prepare your file. For an example of the CSV file, see the attachment.

    • The CSV file needs to be valid, and the values in the file should be ;separated. If there is a list of tags, the tags need to be , separated. 

    • The filename column is a required value.
    • If the filename is empty or the column name in the CSV file cannot be mapped, the import fails.
  2. Upload your files.
    1. Go to Yourusername > Mass Uploader
    2. Drag and drop your CSV file and click Add files.
    3. Select your files to start the upload.


If the CSV has been parsed and the upload status is Successful you can find the uploaded assets in the Asset Bank.

The uploaded assets are added to the Asset Bank and the data from the CSV file is mapped against the assets.



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