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Many of our older clients are using the filter structure of Brands and Categories. Unfortunately this structure is quit restricted in its possibilities and doesn't offer any innovations for the future.

Since a while we are using a new filter structure based on Metaproperty filters. This comes with more possibilities and is now the standard when setting up new environments.

Due to all the possibilities we advise all existing clients to switch their current Brands / Categories structure for Metaproperties. Please find below a number of reasons why the use of metaproperties is the future of Bynder Asset Bank:

- Multiple (sub)filters can be created with their own labels, the environment is not restricted to Brand and Categories

- Metaproperty filters will only display items that are available instead of grey out

- Assets can be added to multiple metaproperty filters

- Metaproperty filters can be made dependent

- Metaproperty filters have their own Security Access

- Metaproperty filters can have triggers

- Metaproperty filter options can be displayed

- Metaproperty filters can be available in multiple languages

- Metaproperty filters will be further developed in the future, whereas Brands

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