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Share your files with Bynder Express

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In Bynder you can share your files with external audience using an email or a link.

If you decide to share files by email, Bynder generates an email with a button for the recipients to receive the files. If you use the Share via Link functionality, only a link is generated. Then you can copy and send the link in a personalised email you've created or share it using, for example, a communicator.  
  1. Click the Home hyperlink.
  2. Click Share your files.
  3. Select your files to upload and click Choose.
  4. Choose one of the following:
    Share files using email
      1. If you want to send your files with a standard Bynder email, click the Email button.
    1. Provide an email address of the recipient. 
    2. Decide how long the shared file should be available. The default is one month. 
    3. Click Send.

      A generic email with the Download button is sent to the recipient.

    Share files using a link
    1. Click the Link button.
    2. Click Send.
    3. Wait for the upload to finish and use the generated link to share the files.
    4. (Optional) To copy the link, click the copy icon  to highlight it and press CMD + C (OSx) or CTRL + C (Windows).


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