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Setup approvers per metaproperty option

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Some clients see a large number of assets that are uploaded into the Waiting room. By setting up approvers per metaproperty you can minimise the number to only relevant assets per user.

For example: all assets that are uploaded to the metaproperty option of Department A will be approved by Manager A of Department A. Next to this the assets that are uploaded to the metaproperty option of Department B will be approved by the Manager of Department B. Therefore, Manager B will not see the assets Manager A is approving. 

Is there hide-by-default enabled for this metaproperty? Click here for an article that explains how to set this up. 

How do you set this up? 

  1. Create the metaproperty with the options. For instance: metaproperty ‘Department’ with the options ‘Department A’, ‘Department B’ and Department ‘C’. 

  1. Create permission profiles/groups/users that will be the approver of the options. Note that the permission profile of the user cannot have the ‘Audit media in waitingroom’ permission profile. Otherwise this person will see all requests that come in.
  2. Go back to the metaproperty options you just created and click on the key  icon.
  3. Now add the permission profile/group/user here and check ‘Audit media for this option’ + the other options you would like to add for this permission profile/group/user.

The next time when someone uploads assets to this metaproperty option, the users with this permission profile will only see these assets in the waiting room!


Note: When uploading multiple assets and adding the departments per individual assets, the assets will show up as one collection in the Waiting room. This works best if the metaproperty Department is ‘Required’ and NOT a ‘Multiselect’.


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