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Activate or deactivate products in Product Information Management

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You can now now manage the status of the products you display in the Product Information Management module. For example, if you have not launched the product yet, you can deselect its Active status. In this way, it does not show in the product overview and it's not searchable. 

You modify the status by means of deactivating the metaproperty option linked to the product. 


  1. Go to Settings > Account > Mataproproperties management.
  2. Select the metaproperty you use in PIM.

    If the metaproperty is used in PIM, you can see the Metaproperty children used in PIM information on the Metaproperty details page.

  3. Click the edit icon.
  4. Click +Add Options
  5. Click the edit icon.
  6. Clear the Active checkbox to deactivate the option.
  7. Click Save.


The product disappears from the overview, and it's no longer searchable. You can activate it again, when necessary. 

Make sure you keep track of the deactivated products as you cannot search for them. 


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