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Export assets to PDF as a contact sheet

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If you want to proof multiple images on a single page or get a visual representation of selected assets, you can create a contact sheet and export it to PDF. 


  1. Go to Assets
  2. Filter for the assets you want to display on the contact sheet.
  3. (Optional) Decide which asset metadata you want to display on the contact sheet. If you do not select any metadata, only the media title will display with the asset image. To display specific metadata:
    1. Go to Settings > Account > Metaproperties management.
    2. Click the edit icon for the selected metaproperty.
    3. Select the Show in contact sheet view checkbox.
    4. Click Save.
  4. Click  to display the contact sheet view. You can find the contact sheet view button in the view widget.
  5. Click Export assets to PDF.
  6. Print the contact sheet or save it as PDF. 


Your contact sheet is ready. By default, the layout is set to display 4 images by 5 on the A4 paper size. 


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