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Hide guidelines pages from selected users

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You can manage access to pages or chapters of your guidelines. For example, you can hide specific pages from selected users, user groups, or user profiles. In this way, the selected users cannot see, search for, or print specific chapters or pages. 

If you restrict permissions on a chapter level, users cannot see the selected chapters and all the pages in these chapters. 


  1. Go to Guidelines.
  2. Select the set of guidelines you want to edit. 
  3. Click the edit icon next to the table of contents.
  4. In the table of contents, click on the chapter or page you want to hide. 
  5. Click the settings icon.

  6. Select the user, profile, or user group. 
  7. Select the Hide checkbox.
  8. Click the plus icon.

  9. Click   to save the settings for the user.


When the selected users log in, they cannot see the chapter or pages.


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