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Which Rights Define Heavy, Regular and Light Users?

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You can set the rights per user group within the Permission Management section.

A user group can be defined as heavy users, regular user, or light users. The classification of users as heavy, regular, or light is a licensing result.

Within your contract with Bynder, the agreed number of heavy, regular and light user licenses bought is defined.

The rights of each user group vary depending upon their group type:

  • If a user group has one or more rights that belong to the rights of the heavy user, the group belongs to the heavy users.
  • If none of the rights of the heavy users are selected for that group, but it does have one or more rights that belong to regular users, the group will belong to the regular users.
  • If the group does not contain any heavy or regular user rights, it belongs to the light users group.


This is the default setup of Bynder. It could be that during the negotiations of your contract with Bynder, some other user groups are created, such as workflow users, for example. However, Bynder does employ a default setup module to define what rights belongs to what group. Your setup may differ from this default if exclusive agreements were made during negotiations.

The default rights are split up as follow:


Bynder Settings
Brand management
Category management
Group Management
Look and feel
Metaproperty options management
Metaproperties management
Tag management

Save general filters

API credentials (Create, Revoke and List)

Users and Permissions
Permission management
User management


Export from Insights to CSV

View change history

Export user data to CSV

Workflow Groups
Groups Overview

Workflow Metaproperties
Metaproperties overview

Workflow Management
Account variable overview
Add account variable

Workflow Presets
Add preset
Presets overview


News management

Audit media in waiting room
Audit download requests
Upload media for approval
Upload and publish media
Edit media
Delete media

Add collection to inspiration at homepage
Publish collections online

View collections from others

Workflow Campaigns
Add campaign
Campaign overview
Edit campaign
Export jobs
Remove Campaign

Workflow Jobs
Add job
Book time
Approve job
Cancel job
Edit job
Export assets to XML
Jobs overview
Remove job
Reorder job
View booked time

Workflow Stages
Add stage
Edit stage
Remove stage

Workflow Tasks
Add task
Edit task
Remove task

Workflow Assets
Add asset
Approve asset
Download all assets
Remove asset
Remove asset version

Edit guidelines

Content Hub
Remove article
Edit article
Edit published article
Publish article
Retract published article
Revoke article
Save article
Submit draft for review

Any rights that are not mentioned do not have influence on the User Group type.
For more information on all rights, please read this article. 



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    Keenan Humphrey

    "View collections from others" is also a REGULAR USER option. Please update article to reflect.