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Prepare your files for DIY template upload

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To upload an InDesign template, you need to prepare it first. 


  1.  Follow the guidelines to prepare your InDesign document. See POD template instructions.
  2. Apply script labels to dynamic elements only:
      • For Dynamic Text Fields:  {"id": “textfield”, "type": “text”} 
      • For Dynamic Image Fields: {"id": “imagefield”, "type": “image”}

    Note: Make sure that IDs are unique for the text and image fields. For example, if you name the textfield "introparagraph", the second text field needs to have a different name. 

  3. Make sure  you have the correct fonts on your computer. If not, install them.
  4. Package the file when you save it so that you get a working IDML, an INDD, instructions, Fonts, and Linked files.
  5. Make sure elements are on separate layers.
  6. Make sure paragraph styles are applied to text.
  7. Make sure there are no overlapping text frames or overlapping elements on the same layers. If elements overlap, the template breaks.

  8. Make sure you name your files appropriately.  The name of your package is the same as the name of the uploaded file.

  9. Make sure your folder name does not have spaces in it. For example, you can name your folder "Byndertemplateone" or "Bynder_Template_One".
  10. When you have your package, right click and compress it into a .zip file. 


When your template has been set up correctly, you can upload it. See Upload InDesign templates for other users.


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