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How to ‘Add a Comment’, ‘Private Message’ or ‘Tag a User’ in a Job within Workflow?

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Adding a Comment: You will find the comment section of the job by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Under the ‘Latest comments & activity’ you will find the comment box to write your comment(s) in. Apart from adding comments, you can also remove them and also reply to other users’ comments. You will find all the comment history under the comment box.

Private message: you can add a private message to the job by ticking the ‘Private message’ checkbox under the comment box.

After ticking the ‘Private message’ checkbox, a pop up box will appear so you can search for the person who you want the private message to be visible to. Always remember that by posting a ‘Private message’, only the person(s) you choose will be able to see it and no one else can.

At any point in time, you can make the private message visible to others or make a public message private. Click Edit privacy and either clear the Private message check box or select the checkbox and enter one or more persons for whom the message should be visible. 




Tagging a User: you can tag any user in the job by adding the symbol ‘@‘ and the name of the user you want to tag, i.e (@sam, @martijn).




Important notes:

In the three cases (adding a comment, adding a private message and tagging a user) the person you tagged in the comment or send the private message to, will receive an email notification informing him about the tag.

Under each comment you will find the following three options:

  • Reply: where you can reply to someone’s comment or reply to your own comment.
  • Mark As Important: by clicking on that it will highlight the comment in yellow - you can also unmark the highlight afterwards.
  • Remove: By clicking on that you can remove your own comment or your own reply. Remember that in case of adding a comment or tagging a user, the Accountable user and the Responsible user for the job will get an email notification about it.


Can I remove my comment?

Yes you can, under your comment you will find the ‘Remove’ button.

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