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How can you use metaproperties within a Workflow Preset?

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Yes, this is possible by using Form Fields. Go to a Workflow Preset, select a specific stage and choose as Type > Form


Setting up Form Fields 

A new section called "Form" will show up where you can select "Metaproperties". Type in the name of the Metaproperties you would like to use in this stage and click save.

Read-only metaproperties will only display values that are already filled out

Editable metaproperties can be edited by a user in the job


It is also possible to display the metaproperties before the workflow started (so not in one of the stages). This will show up as a pop-up during the creation process:


To set this up, scroll down in the preset and enter the requested values in the metaproperties field.


Save Input Button

If you need to fill out a metaproperty form in a Workflow Job, it is possible to save the chosen input before you send it to the next stage. Just an extra safety check, because it is better to be safe than sorry!




If you use a URL in creating the brief of a workflow, that URL will get a Hyperlink and will be saved to the left side of the workflow:

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