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Can I see all time stamps in my own local time zone?

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The date and time assets are uploaded, the publication date and time, time an asset is downloaded, date and time of a comment added to a job in Creative Project Management…These are just a few examples, but on different places within Bynder you can find time stamps.

Those time stamps are by default in the time zone which is selected in the general settings of the portal. What is mostly the time zone the headquarters of your organization is in. When you work in another time zone, it is possible to setup a time zone of your choice.

To setup a custom time zone for your personal account, take the following steps:

1. When you are logged in, hover with your mouse over your name in the right top of you screen. An option menu will appear. Click the first option “Edit profile”.

2. You end up on your profile page where you can make changes in your profile settings and change your password. On this page you also find a dropdown with the label “Timezone”.



3. Select in this dropdown your time zone and click on the Save button.



If you don’t see the Timezone dropdown in your profile settings, this feature is probably not activated for your portal. Please contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager, so we can activate this feature for you.


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