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Is it possible to integrate Bynder with Google Analytics?

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Yes, it is possible track the usage of your Bynder environment with Google Analytics. Please follow the next steps to set this up for your environment:

Step 1) Create a Google Analytics Account (in case you haven't got one) and obtain the tracking ID (ua-code)

Step 2) Provide the tracking ID (ua-code) to your Implementation / Customer Success Manager

Step 3) After confirmation of your Implementation / Customer Success Manager that it has been activated, login to your Bynder environment so you are active on the site

Step 4) Go to Google Analytics reporting page for your site and click on "real time" overview to confirm the code is set up properly and you are receiving hits to the site (Could take up to 30 seconds to show up in Google also):


Step 5) To get dashboards, click on the "Dashboards" link and then + New Dashboard. Click the "Import from Gallery" link. When this modal window loads, use the search box for "Bynder" and choose one or several of the available dashboards.

Step 6) Click the import button when you find one you like and then you can rename it to something you like. All the good data will take a day or so to populate 24-48 hours before you start seeing data populate.

Note: When you add new people to the Google Analytics account, they have to import their own dashboards themselves since it won't transfer simply by adding someone to the analytics account. 

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