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How do I install the Wordpress Plugin?

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Please find the following instructions to install the WordPress plugin for your Bynder Environment.


How do you setup the plugin? 

Step 1) Download the ZIP file that your Customer Success Manager / Implementation manager shared with you and save it to your desktop.

Step 2) Go to your Wordpress website 

Step 3) Go to Plugins and click on Add New


Step 4) Click on the Upload Plugin button


Step 5) Select the downloaded ZIP file and install the plugin:


How do you use the plugin?

Step 1) Click on the edit button of a post in Wordpress:


Step 2) Click on the Add Media button:


Step 3) Click on the Insert Bynder button and you will go directly to the environment:


Note: make sure that you are logged in to the Bynder environment before you use the plugin.

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