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Is it possible to have an automated Naming Convention for downloaded assets?

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With Bynder, when downloading an asset, it is possible to use a specific Naming Convention. This allows meta property information to be added to the asset file name based on your preference. 

For example, we have an asset with the following name:


In the Asset Bank, we have the following meta property information that we want to add to the filename:
⦁ Year
⦁ Country
⦁ State
⦁ City
⦁ Company

When downloading the asset, the meta property options that asset has in Bynder will be added to the asset name. In this case, after being downloaded, the name of the asset will then be the following:



You can decide what meta property information should be added to the name and in what order. If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager, who will gladly help you further.


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