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How do you set up Navigation Tiles?

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Next to Quicklinks, a slider, collections and different news articles we can create Navigation Tiles on the dashboard (landing page.) See these two examples below:



How do you set this up?

Step 1) Go to Settings > Extra > News management

Step 2) Next to the upload media button there is a dropdown with 'Add news', click on it



Step 3) Add the image of the tile here. We advise to use an asset with 450*450 dimensions.

The News Type must be Navigation


Step 4) Add the url to activate the filter in Read more link:

E.G. /search/set/?resetsearch&field=metaproperty_Continent&value=Europe&multiple=false&filterType=add&filterkey=savedFilters&disableModal=false&_=


Step 5) Make sure to check Publish and Save


Note: Navigation tiles will look different on every environment due to the custom design.

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