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How do I share an asset in the asset detail screen?

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We know how annoying it can be when you are looking at an asset that you would like to share, but can't be bothered to go back to the overview page to actually share it. So, we have good news: this is no longer needed with our new feature. Please find out below how it works.

The asset detail screen offers you the option to share the asset directly with anyone via the ‘share media’ button. Please choose the (external) users or user profiles you want to share the asset with. Optionally add a message, and click on ‘Share media’.

Where can I find this ‘Share media’ button?

When you are on the asset detail screen, you can find the ‘Share media’ button in the top right corner, just above the asset.

How does the ‘share menu’ work?

The ‘share media’ menu has several options you may choose from:

  1. ‘Share with individuals’: In this field you can write multiple names of Bynder users and (external) email addresses.
  2. ‘+ Add group’: When you click on this button you will see the user profiles that are active within your Bynder Portal. Click on one or more to select them.
  3. ‘Add a message:’: Here you can write a message for the receivers.
  4. ‘Valid from ... until ...’: Pick the date from which the shared asset is available for the receiver and in the ‘until’ box indicate when the shared asset expires.
  5. ‘Cancel’ and ‘Share media’: The ‘Cancel’ button is to cancel the sharing option, while the ‘Share media’ button is to submit the sharing of the asset.

Video Tutorial#: AB034IP

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