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How do I share a collection with read-only access?

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Would you like to share a collection without risking certain users editing or deleting the assets it contains? In that case sharing a collection as ‘read only’ may be what you're looking for. Please find out everything about ‘read-only’ sharing below.


What is ‘read-only’ sharing?

By marking a collection as ‘read-only’ the assets inside will be shared with a watermark on it. You can share a collection to specific internal and external users as often as you like. In every case it's possible to typify the collection for those specific recipients as read-only.


How can I share a collection as ‘read-only’?

Please follow the steps below:

Open the corresponding collection and click on the 'share' button. In the first 'Share with individuals' field you can fill in the internal and/or external users you wish to share the collection with. In the second field you can specify the individual share as ‘read-only’. By default, the 'Download collection' option will be selected. Click on this drop-down field and select the 'read-only collection' option. Fill in all the other optional fields and click on 'Share collection'.  

The users who will receive this collection, will see the assets inside covered by a watermark, and will not be able to make any changes inside the collection.


How to edit or remove ‘read-only’ rights?

You can easily edit the individual shares in the left side bar of the corresponding collection. In the left sidebar you will see the text "Shared with xx Person(s)". Click on the 'View' link next to it. A popup will open in which you can edit the previous shares. Below 'Manage permissions' you will see the users that have received this collection before, combined with the rights assigned to them.

Click on the ticked ‘read-only’ option next to the specific user whose rights you wish to change, and select the new rights that you would like to grant. To submit the changes, please click on the 'Done' button.


Why I don't see the ‘read-only’ options in my portal?  

If you are for some reason missing the ‘read-only’ option we will happily activate it for you. Please contact Bydner support and we will help you as quickly as possible.


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