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When a news item is published as News, it will be featured on your portal’s News Page. While it is one of the three most recently published articles, you will be able to access it directly by clicking on the article title in the Latest News Widget. You can also access all articles on the News Page by clicking More news… in the Latest News Widget or by accessing

On the News Page, you are able to scroll through all news items that have been published in the portal. If a news item includes an article within Bynder, the article text will be featured on the News Page under the article image. If the news item links to a specific location within the portal, such as a collection, or to an external destination outside of Bynder, clicking on the news title will utilize the custom URL to link to that destination.

Recommended Use

Publishing a news item as News is recommended for articles that are published within Bynder or external news items with a short summary that is published within Bynder.

For external news items, the title of the article on the News Page will link to the site of the news item. This is a great place to inform users of company news or highlight specific information about the portal.

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