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What is the Latest News widget?

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The Latest News Widget, featured on your Brand Portal’s landing page, draws attention to the three most recently published news items in the portal.

Clicking on a news item in the widget will always direct a user to the news article page. A News article page features one specific news item published to the portal.

  • If the news item is an article published within Bynder, clicking on the news title in the widget will link you directly to the news article page, where you can view the article image and the article text.
  • If the news item utilizes a custom URL to link to a specific location within Bynder or to an external destination, the Latest News Widget will still bring you to the news article page. From there, clicking on the title of the article will link you to the custom URL provided in the Read more link.

Clicking More news… under the featured articles in the Latest News Widget will direct you to your portal’s News Page. On the News Page, you will be able to scroll through all news items published to the portal, in reverse chronological order of the publication date.

Please note that News, Featured, and Slider news items all appear in the widget, but Navigation blocks are omitted. This cannot be customized at this time.

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