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How do I add a news item to the environment?

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Administrators can add News items by clicking the downward arrow next to the Upload Media button and then selecting “Add news.” Note: Light Users do not have the ability to add News items.

This will bring you to the "Add news" page. At the bottom of this page, you have the option to publish your news piece as a News item, Featured news, Slider, or Navigation block. 

You also have the ability to choose when to publish the news item. If you check the box above "Publish," your news item will be immediately published to your portal. If you do not check the box, you will be able to access the news item in news management, but it will not appear on the portal for users until it is published. 

The following elements of every news item can be customized via News Management:

News title: the headline displayed on all elements

News subtitle: a secondary line displayed below the headline, not displayed on Navigation news items or in the Latest News Widget

Image: the same image is displayed on the landing page representation of a news item, as a header graphic on the article page, as well as the thumbnail in the Latest News Widget

Publish date: the date displayed on news article pages and in the Latest News Widget, also used to order Slider and Navigation news items

Summary: a brief description of the contents of the new item, only used for Featured

News content: the full body content of the news item displayed on the news article page

Read more label: used to override the default Read more label on Featured news items as well as the Read more button on Slider news items

Read more link: by default will link to the news article page, but a custom URL can be entered to override the default destination from:

    • News title on all news article pages
    • News title on Featured news items
    • Read more label on Featured news items
    • Read more button on Slider news items
    • Navigation block click-throughs


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