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User Management

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Administrators have the ability to manage their users, groups, and user capabilities through the Settings Menu under Users & rights.




In User Management, Administrators are able to view information about all users including: user name, user profile, email address, last login, number of logins, and number of downloads. An Admin can edit or delete a user by clicking on the pencil icon (for edits) or the trash can icon (to delete).



It is possible to import multiple users or add them on an individual basis, in case a client is not using SSO. There are three ways to add users to their Bynder environment:

1. Single users are added manually

Administrators are able to add additional users to the system by clicking on the Add new user button in the top right corner of the User Management page. The Admin will then be able to create a comprehensive user profile for that specific user. Admins can either create a password for that user, or check the Send email notification box, which will send the new user an email prompting them to set a password and complete their registration.



2. Multiple users are added by entering a list with email addresses or a CSV file (no detailed user profiles)

Administrators also have the ability to add multiple users at once by clicking Add multiple users. The Admin will be prompted to add the email addresses of the new users and select the user profile for all new users. (This can also be done by uploading a CSV file with all of the user email addresses.) When adding a number of users at one time, all users must be assigned to the same user profile. If you are adding groups of users that have different user profiles (for example, both Regular Users and Light Users), you must add two batches of multiple users.

New users will receive an email notification to complete their registration and create a unique password. Be sure to click Save in the bottom right hand corner after all new email addresses are added.



3. Multiple users are added with full user profiles via an import

For the last option, we need an Excel or CVS file with the following information:

  • *Email
  • *First name
  • *Last name
  • *Permission Profile
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Company name
  • Department
  • Job Title

Fields with a * are mandatory.


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