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Am I able to place pictures side by side in Guidelines?

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1. Navigate to Guidelines and click "Edit pages" on the left side of the screen. If you have not yet created a chapter for a topic, see How can I add a chapter and/or new page(s) in Guidelines?

In the edit view, click on the Insert Table icon (shown in the red box below) to insert a table.

This will prompt a screen to show where you can determine the dimensions of your table.

2. Once you determine the details of the table and hit OK, place your cursor in the cell of the table where you want the image to appear. Click on the Insert Image icon; this will prompt a screen to show where you can upload an image file.

Click on the upload tab and choose a file from your computer. Once the file name shows next the "Choose File" button, click on "Send it to the Server", and in a few seconds the system will return you to the "Image Info" view where you can edit the image dimensions, if you wish, and click OK.

3. Place your cursor in the cell next to the cell where you inserted the first image (where the second image will be placed so that the two images are side by side) and repeat the above steps for inserting an image.

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