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How do you create workflow metaproperties and dependencies?

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Metaproperty management is where you can manage metaproperties for workflows.

A good example for the use of metaproperties within Workflow would be a brief as a first stage:

All the information provided in the brief, will be available through out the whole workflow on the left hand side:


How do you set this up?

Workflow Metaproperties can be created by going to Settings > Workflow > Metaproperties Management. Please select the option Job to continue:

If you scroll all the way down, you can add a new metaproperty for Workflow.


And then this screen shows up where you can select a metaproperty type:

Export to Bynder: this workflow metaproperty will be exported to the Asset Bank (with the asset) when the workflow is finished

Visible based on other metaproperty: make a workflow metaproperty dependent on another metaproperty (option)


Type of metaproperty options: 



Multiple answers can be chosen



 Input Field

Limited space to enter a value


Multi Select

Multiple answers can be chosen


Radio Button

Only one answer can be chosen



Select Box

Only one answer can be chosen





Text is displayed but user can't enter information


A specific area where text can be entered (see example down below):


Asset Bank Metaproperty

Here you can select an Asset Bank Metaproperty



Video Tutorial#: CPM014IP_How do you create workflow metaproperties

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