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What Metaproperty Type Options are there?

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Metaproperty Type Options

When you create a new metaproperty, a few type options are available to choose from. The chosen type will define how users can select or enter the metaproperty during uploading of assets. 

Select - this is the default option. It is mandatory for creating main filters. The mataproperty enables users to choose from predefined values.

Autocomplete - when you start typing your value, then if the value is found suggestions display. If the value is not found, you can add a new one.

Text - allows for entering value in a text field. You cannot filter on text metaproperties but you can search on keywords in the text. This type can be used to enter data such as barcode or extra photographer-related information. When you create a text metaproperty and change the type later, the text value will be lost.

Longtext - similar to the Text type but with additional support for line breaks and multiple lines.

Side bar - display the metaproperty property in the left-hand side sidebar.

Date - allows users to specify a date as this metaproperty option.

Linked assets - enables relating assets with one another.

Brandstore categories - displays categories in Brand Store.

Button - creates a button with the metaproperty label and the specified URL link. This can be useful in Workflow to help users locate the templates they should use.

Workflow job - enables linking assets to workflow jobs to better track asset history. 

Select2 - combines the properties of the Select and Autocomplete types.


Metaproperty Filter Options

Once you have created a new metaproperty, there are multiple filter options you can choose. The number of available options depends on the selected metaproperty Type.

Multiselect - enables selecting multiple options of the metaproperty on upload and editing.

Multi filter - enables selecting multiple values in the main filter on the Asset detail page. For this metaproperty to show in the main filter bar, it needs to be added to Smartfilters.

Searchable - allows for the metaproperty to be indexed and available as a search term. You might not want this option selected for Limited assets.

Editable - if you do not select this option, this metaproperty will not display in the Edit mode on the Asset detail page.

Filterable - enables filtering on the metaproperty. If you do not select this option it will not show as a filter but will still display among main filters on the Asset detail page. This option should be selected by default.

Apifield - makes this metaproperty available in the API.

Display field - if you do not select this option it disappears from the Info tab on the Asset detail page but remains available as a filter and in the Edit tab on the Asset detail page.

Required - makes the metaproperty required for an asset to be uploaded or edited. Adds an asterisk to the metaproperty to indicate that it is mandatory.

Main Filter - if not selected, the metaproperty will display in the Advanced tab under Custom fields on the Asset detail page. If the option is selected, it will be displayed among main filters. If a metaproperty is not a main filter, defining dependencies and access management are not possible.

Drilldown results - if you filter for a metaproperty, the filter will narrow down the results to the selected metaproperty and the related metaproperties. Other filters will not display. If you clear this option, you can select multiple values in the metaproperty filter and Bynder will display the combined results.

Use dependencies -when you select this option in combination with the Side bar metaproperty type, and go to the Yourwebsitename/select/metapropertyx URL and click on an option in that view, then the sidebar with all metaproperties and their options will display next to the assets linked to this metaproperty options.

Empty options in filter - add an option to filter to display assets that do not have this metaproperty selected.

Export field - enables the export of metaproperties and thier options in XMP or a CSV file. The option displays when you select assets to download.

Hide public - is hidden for the users who are not logged-in.

Show in list view - displays next to the asset thumbnail when the asset overview displays as the list view.

Show in grid view - displays next to the asset thumbnail when the asset overview displays as the grid view.

Show in duplicate view - displays this metaproperty in Duplicate finder. It might be useful since the same assets might have different metaproperties linked.

Show in contact sheet view - displays next to the asset thumbnail when the asset overview displays as the contact sheet view.

Hide options without dependencies - if selected, the options that do not have dependencies set up will be hidden in the upload, single and multi-edit view. This filter option is only working for Select2 metaproperties.

Add as section in the spotlight results - this option is available for PIM users. If selected, the search results for this metaproperty will be displayed as a separate section. If you also select Filter in meta property detail page as the Spotlight target, then when you click the section, it will take you to a separate page for this metaproperty in PIM. 



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