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Setting up Dependencies

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With Bynder it is possible to make metaproperties dependable. This means that some metaproperties will only shown up, if specific values are selected. See the following example:

If you want to upload a file in the Byndair environment, you have to select an Asset Type (this is mandatory).

If "Photo" is selected, you see that two new metaproperties show up: Retoucher and Photographer. These options were not available before. In this case, these metaproperties are dependent on the value of "Photo".

If another value is selected such as "Video", other metaproperties are revealed such as Producer and Videographer. These metaproperties are dependent on the value "Video".



Let's take the metaproperty Photographer as example. Go to Settings > Account > Metaproperties and select pencil of the metaproperty Photographer .


Now click on the plus button and select the right metaproperty and value, in this example respectively "Asset Type" and "Photo" and click save.



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