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How do I embed assets in a website?

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Are you looking for an easy way to integrate your Bynder assets into your website without having to store them externally? This can easily be done by making use of our embedding media feature. Please find out below how this functionality can enrich your website and save you tons of time.

What is ‘media embed’?

The ‘media embed’ feature enables you to easily integrate, or so to say, embed an asset in for instance your website, blog or forum. At all times, your assets remain stored in your Bynder portal and the traffic will therefore go via Bynder, which can save you a great deal of storage space and data traffic. Each asset has a unique embed code, which can be pasted in the source code of your website. Moreover, many CMS systems with WYSIWYG editors enable you to easily add an embed code to your content. Your images will be fully visible and videos no longer have to be downloaded by end users first, because they can easily be played with our HTML5 video player. In the images below you can see what an embedded image and video look like


How can I embed an asset?

Before an asset can be embedded, it needs to be set up as ‘Media is embeddable’. To do this, go to the asset bank on click on the asset you want to embed. In the ‘Info’ tab in the right sidebar, you will see the ‘Embed media’ button. Click on this button and tick the ‘Media is embeddable’ box. Once this has been done successfully, you will see a notification at the top of the screen saying that ‘The media is now embeddable’.

Additionally, you have several options for your ‘media embed’ that you can enable accordingly.

Include title: By ticking this box the title of the embedded asset will be displayed below the asset.

Include lightbox: By ticking this box, the embedded asset will be clickable. This will open a pop up, in which you can download the original file, the derivatives or the full zip package. Moreover, it will show some additional data about the asset. Please note that in order to download embedded assets, the following option needs to be enabled:

Enable download: This will enable users to download the embedded asset right away, without having to go to the asset bank first. By hovering the mouse over the embed, a download button will become visible.

When you have made your selection, copy the ‘embed code’ in the box below the ‘Media is embeddable’ button. After selecting and copying the code, click on the save button. You can now go to your website and paste the code in the source code or any other feature or plugin that can handle embed codes.

How can I disable an embedded media.

If you no longer want a certain asset to be embedded, you can easily remove the embed. This all can be done from within Bynder. Simply open the corresponding asset. In the ‘Info’ tab in the right sidebar, click on the ‘Embed media’ button and untick the ‘Media is embeddable’ box. Once this has been done successfully, you will see a notification at the top of the screen saying that ‘The media is not embeddable’. The asset will now no longer be visible on the external website. Additionally, you can chose to remove the previously pasted embed code from your website.

Video Tutorial#: AB009IP

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