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Is it possible to crop an image or extend its canvas?

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Using the mouse pointer, the user can select what they would like to crop, because by default it’s a free format. However, it’s also possible to choose a constrained crop size such as a shape of a square, portrait or landscape. To do this, simply select the tick box and choose the type of constrain that is preferred.


When you select a cropping with your mouse, the dimensions will automatically scale. If you would like to make a cropping based on specific dimensions, you can enter them here.


The dimensions are locked by default, which means that if you enter one value it will automatically fill out the other value based on the current aspect ratio.

For example: if the aspect ratio is 1:1 and the value you entered is 400 pixels, it will automatically fill out the other value to 400 pixels as well.


Output DPI

The number of DPI (Dots Per Inch) can be chosen in this section. Generally, 300 DPI is required for print materials whereas 72 DPI is sufficient for web-only usage.  

Image size

If you don't need to crop the image but just want to create a derivative with a different size (or more), you can tick the box and change the image size in this section. Simply select the size(s) based on your preference and click on "crop image".

Canvas size

In this section you can expand the canvas size of the image and create an extra layer around or on the sides of the image. Simply tick the box, select the canvas size of your preference and the canvas size will be extended automatically. 

Additionally, you can choose the anchor point of the canvas with Anchor.

The canvas color is white by default, however, you can select any color you prefer by clicking on Background Color.

It’s also possible to select the tick box of Transparent Background, if you want the canvas to be transparent.


Within this section, the cropped image format can be selected. Bynder offers two options for images: JPG and PNG, where the latter is preferred for files with a transparent background.


The quality of the crop can be chosen in this section, which will impact the size of the file. There are 5 options: 

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very High
  • Maximum

Save as

There are 3 different options when selecting the 'Save as' function:  

  • Extra Version: the crop will be saved as an extra version of the original. This cropped version won't be visible as a separate file in the asset bank, but it will show up as an additional file when you click on the original asset.
  • New Asset: the crop will be saved as a new version and will have its own name, filters, tags etc. It will also be visible within the asset bank as a separate file.
  • Download: the crop won’t be saved in the asset bank at all and will only be offered as a direct download.

 Video Tutorial#: AB010IP

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