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Is it possible to automatically generate smaller images/derivatives for an asset?

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Do you have original images and would you like to have smaller versions of them or different file extensions to be created automatically? Are you still downloading and resizing files manually? There's no need to do all of that anymore. Bynder can easily do this for you by using derivatives. Find out below how derivatives can be useful for you.

What are derivatives?

Derivatives are additional media items, which can be automatically created after they have been configured. It is possible to create smaller versions of your original image asset in both a JPG and PNG file extension. Please note that the resolution of derivatives can't be larger than the original file.


What extra functionalities do derivatives have?

Besides setting up a custom resolution for your file, derivatives can be set up with other customizations as well. When setting up a custom resolution, Bynder will use the longer side to create the derivative. If your image is for example 800 by 600 pixels, the 800 pixels side will be used for resizing. The 600 pixels side will be scaled according to the aspect ratio.

In addition to custom file dimensions, we can also set up a custom DPI value for your derivatives. For instance, we can automatically generate a 300 DPI derivative of your original 600 DPI image file. If you don't want your files to be resized according to the aspect ratio. Please inform us, so that we can enable an automatic crop for you. By cropping we can use the exact custom resolution. The derivative will then be created from the center point of the image.

Do you have a web shop and do the files need to have default dimensions with the aspect ratio preserved? If yes, Bynder can create an extended version for you. In this case the image will be resized according to the longer side and aspect ratio, however, the remaining canvas size will be filled with a blank space to meet your fixed dimensions.

How can I download derivatives?

The derivatives are available in the asset detail page. They can be found below the original file. Moreover, they can all be downloaded when you click on the ‘Download all files’ button.

When using the download preselect menu you can also choose to let certain derivatives to be preselected for downloading. In that case, users do not have to select them themselves.

How do I set up derivatives?

Bynder would like to help you set up your derivatives. This way we can give you further explanation and consultation to fully meet your wishes. Please send an email to [email protected] or call us on +31 (0)20 820 3743. 

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