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Set up Quicklinks on the homepage

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Quicklinks can give you easy access to some of the more commonly used features in the system. They can also be used to link external web pages that you use frequently.  

Quicklinks display on your homepage, which helps you access the webpages or functionalities directly. 


You can also create Quicklinks for certain permission profiles.

There are 2 options: 

- include the group(s) that should see the Quick link

- exclude the group(s) that should NOT see the Quick link

 Before you begin

If you want your users to create and maintain their own quicklinks on the homepage, select the Settings and the Quicklinks management rights in the user's permission profile. You can find these rights in the Bynder settings section.

Go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission management to view user permission profiles.


  1. Go Settings > Account > Quick links.
  2. Click Add link.
  3. Enter the name, the link and position, which this link should take on the quicklinks list.
  4. (Optional) To display the link for a specific permission profile, group or user, in the Permissions section, click Display for and select to whom you want to show the Quicklink.

    To do the opposite and hide the Quicklink for a specific permission profile, group or user, click Hide for and select the right group.

  5. Click Save.


The links are now visible on the homepage.

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