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Waiting room - overview

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About Waiting room

When you upload assets and the workflow process for publishing assets includes the approval stage, assets are added to the Waiting Room. They wait there to be approved by administrators or dedicated approvers. When the approval is granted, the assets are transferred to the Asset bank. 

By default, the assets that are uploaded with the upload functionality available to external users on the login page go to the Waiting room.

To open your Waiting room, go to Settings > Waiting room.

Set up the approval process for Waiting room

As an administrator, you can set up the process so that users can upload assets to the waiting room, or approve assets.  You can then create a workflow preset to upload assets to the Waiting room first, before they can be uploaded to the Asset bank. 

  1. Go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission Management
  2. From the User profiles, select the profile, for which you want to update permissions.
  3. From the Media permission sections, select one of the following:
    • Upload media for approval -  users with this setting can upload assets to the Waiting room where the assets need to be approved.
    • Audit media in waitingroom - users with this setting can approve or deny upload requests in the Waiting room. These users can decide whether an asset is shown and included into the Asset bank or not.
  4. Go to Settings > Workflow > Preset Management to create a preset to upload assets to the Waiting room.
  5. Select the Waiting Room option for the preset.

Note: If you want to limit upload rights to, for example, certain brands or categories, you need to configure the metaproperties of the account. You need superadmin rights to do this, so the support, product, or the implementation team can help you with that.

Work with Waiting room filters

You can filter your view in the Waiting room to show different assets.

Upload:  shows an overview of all files that are uploaded by users that don't have the access right to publish files directly to the asset bank. 

External Uploader : shows an overview of all the files that are uploaded through Upload feature available from the login page.


Download: shows an overview of all the files that users have requested to download. These are the files some users might not have the rights for, such as the watermarked assets.

Workflow approval: shows an overview of all the approvals a user has to grant as a result of workflow jobs.

Edit: shows an overview of all the requests coming from users who want to edit specific assets and do not have the Edit media rights. You can approve or decline the requests in this overview. 

Note: You can grant certain users or user groups the right to edit media.
  • To do it for all media, go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission Management, select the user profile and select the Edit media right from the Media section. In this way, the users in this profile will not have to request your approval to edit assets.
  • You can grant one or multiple users the right to edit media in a particular option. In this way users will be able to edit assets, but you will still need to approve the changes. 
    Go to Settings > Account > Metaproperties management. Click  for a selected metaproperty and then click . Select a user or a user group and select Edit media in this option


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