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Create a new POD/ Web-to-Print template preset

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If you have a Print on Demand (POD) template that you want to adjust to a specific market, you can select the template and recreate it to meet the needs of this market. For example, if you want to roll out your English template to the French market you might need to change the language and the collections for the images to fit the new market.


  1. Go to Workflow > Template Management.
  2. Click on the template you want to recreate. 
  3. Click Create new template preset.

  4. In the Collections section, clear the Use default collection box to edit the collections for the parts of the template.

  5. (Optional) If you do not want users to edit certain elements of the template, select these elements in the Do not allow editing of editables section. For example, if you select Background-img, users will not be able to edit the background image used in the template. 

  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Fill template.
  8. Edit the new template as necessary. 
  9. (Optional) Click Download preview to download the new template and verify the changes.
  10. Click Save & continue.


The new template preset is now added to the templates and available for users. To find the new template go to Workflow > Template Management.


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