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How do I sort assets in the asset bank?

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The sort order is the way in which the assets are sorted in the asset bank. There are four sorting options available, namely:

  •  Order by date added

This option shows the assets based on the date they were added to the asset bank.

  • Order by date published

This option shows the assets based on their date of publishing. If you upload an asset, you can set up a future publication date. This date will be used to sort the assets

  • Order by date modified

This option shows the assets based on the date they were modified. In case you want to take a look at the recently edited assets, this can be a very helpful sort order.

  • Order by name

This option shows the assets alphabetically based on the name of the assets.

  • Order by relevance

If you use the search bar, Bynder will automatically order the search results based on Relevance.


For all four options you can choose to sort in a ascending or descending order. For the first three options this means either from the most recently assets to the least recently ones and for the fourth option this means either from A-Z or from Z-A. You can switch between these two orders by clicking on the 'arrow' icon on the right of the field where you selected one of the four sorting orders.

The default setting the Sort order is in by landing in the asset bank can be changed. Please send an email to [email protected] and let us know which default sort order with the corresponding ascending or descending setting you would like to have and we will happily configure it for you.

The default sort order can only be used in the overview page of the asset bank. The setting does not influence the sort order inside collections or any other module.

 Video Tutorial#: AB029IP 

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